ranveer-singh-kissing-scenes-edited-out-for-tv-premiere‘Labon ka karobar’ means ‘the business of lips’ (meaning kisses). These words happen to be the opening lyrics of a song in the recently released Bollywood movie ‘Befikre‘ featuring 23 kissing scenes altogether. This song plays in the opening credits of the film.

Are you surprised how this song with a lot of kissing has been passed by our Censor Board? Well, this song will be allowed for screening only in theaters. The guidelines for the television premiere are going to be different. Censor laid down a strict ruling that this song will not be played whenever this film goes for TV premiere.

Those who are awaiting the television premiere to visually gorge upon the different kinds of kisses in the movie will have to be contended with a few kisses lost in the process of Censoring, we mean editing. Censor might have thought so many kissing scenes will not be proper for family viewing, along with kids. Hmm.