To make a biopic on someone who is still living is nothing short of taking the risk as there would be a lot of comparisons as the original person is still living. But, Bollywood young hero outdid the expectations and has come out with flying colours.

We know, Ranbir Kapoor is essaying the role of Sanjay Dutt is the senior actor’s biopic. There had been a lot of apprehensions regarding the look. Ranbir Kapoor literally enthralled the viewers with the kind of transformation he had gone to look the exact clone of the controversial superstar.

Even in the pics, we can see Ranbir Kapoor displaying the same attitude and body language of Sanjay Dutt to the tee. We are amazed to see the latest pictures of Ranbir Kapoor and we are sure you are going to feel the same after looking at the pics. What a transformation!