Aamir Khan - Daughter Ira Khan -FamilyHow one perceives a thing lies in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes even the expression of love between a father and a daughter might be the reason for being trolled by the social media users. Bollywood Mr. Perfect Aamir Khan fell prey to the online trolls when he shared a pic of himself having a fun moment with his daughter, Ira Khan.

Some felt the pic to be indecent and others felt that it was inappropriate on the part of Aamir Khan to share the picture during the Ramzan season. A few others advised his daughter to wear decent clothes and others found fault with the position Ira was found sitting on her father.

If this wasn’t enough, Aamir Khan became a topic for the trolls when he posted pictures having food with family. Ramzan is the season when Muslims keep fast (Roja) and therefore, trolls felt that he shouldn’t have posted pictures of food. Well, there are a few who felt that the family is having food after the Roja for that day.

One thing is clear. In the social media platforms, many of the faceless trolls find some reason or the other to take a dig at and make simple things look complicated.

Aamir Khan - Daughter Ira Khan -Family