Rajamouli Agrees Meeting Aamir Khan over ScriptThough ‘Mahabharata’ is going to be Rajamouli‘s immediate next, there is every chance that the filmmaker would take up the project for real in the future. We are hearing a lot about Rajamouli’s dream to transform the epic on to the big screen.

In a recent media interaction during his promotional interviews in Mumbai, Rajamouli agreed to have met Aamir Khan over the script of ‘Mahabharata’. So, this confirms a lot about Rajamouli’s interest on the epic and there would be big names attached to it whenever it materializes.

Before taking up this epic movie, Rajamouli wants to raise his craftsmanship as a filmmaker. Though we don’t have any reservations or doubts on the director and his ability, it’s nice to see him thinking he needs to improve further. As of now, we are more interested on ‘Baahubali 2’ to find out many answers.