Radhika Apte Unbuttoned Shirt Leaked for PublicityThe trailer of Radhika Apte’s ‘Andhadhun’ has been creating a positive buzz on the movie that is said to be a trippy and twisted tale of a blind guy Ayushman Khurana and his girlfriend Radhika Apte. The trailer of the movie did the magic and now a hot pic from the movie is leaked.

It’s clearly understood that the hot pic was leaked for the sake of the publicity. Radhika Apte is seen in an unbuttoned shirt, looking smoking hot in the open shirt and it suggests that she wasn’t wearing anything inside her shirt. Paired up goggles and that intense look, Radhika Apte was like a killer. Needless to mention that she was stunning.

Will we get to see some very hot and intense scenes from the actress? Let’s wait and see. There is a lot of suspense around the character Radhika was playing in the movie though we know that she will be seen as a blind guy’s girlfriend, the guy who ends up amidst a murder mystery and a mysterious woman, Tabu.