Radhika-Apte-to-Share-Her-Husband-VisionRadhika is a bold and composed actress who never steps back and stands to herself. The actress usually keeps her personal life away for the public notice, but she is all set to show her memories and her husband’s vision now.

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She is going to give a tour of her brand new home soon via a web series. She calls it, “Where the heart is”. The home is made to reminisce her the defining memories as the actress says. Also, the construction reflects her personality and her husband’s vision according to her. Well, there should be something interesting for her to specifically come out to show her home. Don’t you think?

Radhika is married to the musician, Benedict Taylor and the woman travels a lot to London to meet her husband timely. Well, Benedict might just stay back looking at the home if we go with the exaggeration that she makes of the building. She made sure that the home gets enough light and cozy for her as well as her friends an family to have an experience. Sounds great, but let us see of the home lives up to it.

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