Raazi---Silent-Prequel-for-Rana's-Movie-Is-Out!!!How similar the two words ‘Ghazi’ and ‘Raazi’ sound! Bollywood movie ‘Raazi’ starring the super talented young heroine Alia Bhatt has arrived and one go into the story will reveal that this movie is a silent prequel to Rana’s India’s first movie based on a submarine, ‘The Ghazi Attack’.

In ‘Ghazi’ we have seen how Indian Navy comes to know about Pakistan’s plan to destroy INS Vikrant but ends up it’s PNS Ghazi being destroyed by Indian Navy. Who gave that information about Pakistan’s play? The Indian spies whose identities were never revealed though they are the ones who pass information from the enemy camp.

‘Raazi’ is the story of an Indian spy who passes the information about Pakistan’s ploy to destroy INS Vikrant. Got the point? Exact connection to Rana’s movie and a perfect prequel that was actually not intended to be. By the way, ‘Raaz’ is enjoying a decent run at the box-office and Alia Bhatt is being showered with compliments for her subtle performance without overdoing any emotion. Alia is the main lead who has taken the movie close to Rs. 50 crore mark within no time. Kudos!