Raaz Reboot, Raaz Reboot Movie Leaked Fake, Raaz Reboot Movie Fake Torrent File, Raaz Reboot Movie Fake Torrent Link, Raaz Reboot Movie Leaked Real Story These days when piracy is rampant and became a menace to the film industry, it has become the necessity of the makers of a film to be more careful and guarded to prevent their film from being leaked before the release of the film.

To counter the pirates who are damaging the business of films, the team of a Bollywood upcoming movie ‘Raaz Reboot‘ planted a bogus torrent file on the internet as a warning to the pirates. Surprisingly, within a couple of minutes, there had been 5,000 downloads of the bogus file in the name of ‘Raaz Reboot’.

The director of the film Vikram Bhatt says that piracy is nothing but stealing the hard work and the money of others. He understands how difficult it is to stop leakage and police the digital space. He appeals to audiences to watch movies in theatres.