priyanka-chopra-100-crore-property-house-versova-mumbaiVery soon, Bollywood top actress Priyanka Chopra is going to own a very posh and palace-like abode. She is reportedly going to dole out Rs. 100 crores for her new property in Versova, Mumbai. She wants it to be very special and hence putting so much money on her dream house.

We can easily guess that she must have hired the best of designers to design the best for her new house. With Rs. 100 crore investment, one can understand how much care the builder has to take to meet the actress’ demand. So, in the next year she will take procession of her new home and she would probably be the owner of one of the most expensive bungalows in Mumbai.

On work front, Priyanka is awaiting the release of her debut Hollywood movie. She is also getting ready to make her debut production venture, a female-centric movie. Her American television show ‘Quantico’ had given her a lot of recognition in the international arena. With such track record, owning a property wortb Rs. 100 crores is something she is gifting for herself.