Political Biopic My Name is Ra Ga Goes for Title Change After defeat‘My Name is RaGa’ is one of those political biopics that was actually made to be released before the elections. However, the elections code of conduct stalled the release of the biopic that was based on Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

However, after the elections and Rahul Gandhi’s defeat, the makers of the movie had decided to change the title of this political biopic from ‘My Name is RaGa’ to ‘RaGa – The Fallen Star’.

Now, the fall of Rahul Gandhi will be filmed in the last schedule and would be added to the film, they had shot before. Rupesh Paul, the director of the movie thinks that this is going to be very crucial for the biopic’s success.

Right from the initial stages, the director has been exuding confidence on Rahul Gandhi’s biopic and the politician’s recent defeat as a great opportunity to rebuild his strengths.

Biopics on successful people are quite common. But, this one is going to be different, as it speaks about the failures of RaGa, as well. Let’s wait and see what the director wants to actually convey with this biopic.