Please Don’t Smoke Like Me – Aamir Khan

dangal-effect-aamir-khan-started-smoking-againLike many of the guys, Aamir Khan too has this habit of quitting smoking and starting it again when unable to combat stress. Recently, Aamir quit smoking but again started because he is stressed before the release of his latest film ‘Dangal’.

However, the actor is aware that smoking is bad for health and hence, is going to quit smoking again after the release of his film. Though he is unable to quit smoking, he appealed to people not to resort to smoking which destroys our health. He is trying his best to quit smoking.

Besides smoking, Aamir Khan’s health has become a cause of concern for family. He gained a lot of weight for the middle-aged role he has essayed in ‘Dangal’ and lost it all again to look the younger version of the same character. This kind of gain and loss of weight in a short span of time isn’t good for one’s health. Hope he refrains from playing with his health in future.

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