Ira KhanStar Kids earlier used to maintain a little low profile at least until they entered the big screen, but now there is no such waiting for them and here is another star kid started to make news flaunting her hot body online hinting that she is screen ready.

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has not been an active social media person, but lately, she started to drag some attention with quite a few posts. Not just her pictures, but recently, she confessed her dating matter with a musician Mishaal Kirpalani posting a close picture of them. And now, here is a picture from her timeline which is almost killing the heat in the air.

Ira was sporting a messy hair, but showing off a stunning waist and sexy legs in the tube top and the denim shorts. Well, that is one good click of hers, enough to raise curiosity on the internet. What say?