Pic Talk: Sophie Choudry, Now That's How You Show off Your Bikini CurvesEarlier, actresses used to think twice before they showed a bikini avatar of theirs and then here were are where numerous two-piece pictures of hot ladies from various film industries of our country show up every day.

Now that the bikini is not a big thing, how to stand out from those regular bikinis? Like this.

Just wearing a bikini on the hot body is not just enough now to grab the whole attention. And that is what Sophie Choudry figured out and made her bikini more watchable with the angle. This angle gave a fresh view of her curves that can make a man’s mind go wild.

Showing off her curves from side wards, Sophie flaunted the black bikini with the see-through floral shrug standing in the knee-deep water at the beach. Now that’s the way her fans like it.