Pic talk: Meet Jackie JacksonFarah Khan has been to make the bigwigs of Bollywood dance to her tunes. But who knew she could even make an international star dance to Bollywood tune? It may seem unbelievable but it is indeed true.

The star in question here is internationally renowned Jackie Chan and Farah Khan, has been given the opportunity to choreograph Hollywood’s martial arts fighter Jackie Chan. The song that Khan has been choreographing for is a desi track for his upcoming Indo-Chinese movie Kung Fu Yoga. To do so, Farah Khan had been flown in to Jodhpur in Rajasthan along with her choreographer friend Geeta Kapoor.

Farah seemed proud to get this opportunity and even shared an image withJackie Chan on her Instagram with the caption “Who could think!! Jackie chan can dance Bollywood!!” Excited Jackie Chan says ‘I’m the Jackie Jackson”‘.