Parneeti ChopraParineeiti Chopra apparently hadn’t had a happy childhood. She shared an incident of her childhood in a small town as a girl at the “Women Self Defence Graduation Day” conducted in Mumbai by Akshay Kumar and Aditya Thackeray, a free defense class that the duo is conducting for the girls.

Talking to the students, she said that she used to go to her school on a cycle wearing a skirt which is her school uniform. And boys used to tease her within that 15-minute cycle ride and even used to try to lift her skirt up while she was pedaling. For that, She used to hate her parents for sending to the school on cycle. Yet, her parents used to tell to be strong.

She says she didn’t understand her parent’s words then, but now she got to know the intention behind those words to be strong. She congratulated the students for attending the course and thanked Akshay and Aditya for the thought. That’s ok, Parineeiti, no matter what happened in then, you have become a strong girl now.