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Trailer Talk: Most Intense And Epic Visual Spectacle

Padmavati Trailer Talk: Most Intense And Epic Visual SpectacleThe trailer of the much-hyped Padmavati is out, and we have to say it lives up to the enormous expectations it has built up. The intensity and epicness attached to it are rarely seen in movies these days.

The trailer does an excellent job in building the emotional high rather than dazzle us with big budget spectacle which is precisely opposite of Bajirao Mastani, directors previous attempt. Not that the gloss is absent, it is there, but it is secondary to the emotion that is being generated. It means people looking for big-budget grandeur impact would be disappointed. However, emotionally, by the end of the trailer, one is sure to get an exhilarating feeling just by the music. Also, all three actors have been aptly showcased, and one can make out that Ranveer Singh is going to steal the show. Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s first time pairing looks beautiful.

Check out the trailer below. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the master behind the epics like Devdas, Ramleela, and Bajirao Mastani, directs Padmavati. It will hit the screens worldwide on December 1st.

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