Actress-Radhika-Apte's-90-Days-Guarantee-Lands-Her-in-TroubleRadhika Apte, one of the actresses who made a name for herself in the film industry for the choice of roles that were bold narratives and made realistic statements. In a film or two, she even had to do stripping scenes as those narratives demanded that.

After she did a strip scene in her Bollywood film ‘Badla’, the talented actress was offered roles in adult comedies. She revealed this aspect of her story in a show hosted by popular television journalist Burkha Dutt.

As she has been getting such roles that she wouldn’t agree with the perspective of the storyteller in the name of progressive movies and women liberation, the actress said that she has been rejecting those movies.

At the end of the end, she is either left with no work or doing very less work as people started thinking that she played a seductress in ‘Badlapur’ when the character actually strips because the rapist wanted to rape and kill her.

Unable to understand the stripping scene, it’s disturbing for the actress that she is being offered sex comedies that she wouldn’t want to do.