Vidya Balan  Siddharth Roy Kapoor Break Up Divorce Rumours GossipsNot going out to party and events together, no clicking selfies and posting them on social media, and the current breakup season in Bollywood were the reasons why there had been speculations concerning the marriage of Bollywood talented actress Vidya Balan.

Putting all the rumors to rest that Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy’s marriage is heading towards splitsville, the actress gave a tight reply to all those stereotypical prototypes who expect people to behave according to the fake standards set up by them.

She said, ” Maybe, we don’t take enough selfies to share on the Twitter, r hold hands all the time!” Well, that’s a killer statement and perfect slap on those who expect couples to behave in a stereotypical manner.

Vidya thinks it is trivial to react to every rumor that surfaces only because they attend different events on the same day. As long as they are getting well along with each other, why do people have to interfere and draw conclusions.