Non-Bailable Warrant on Sanjay DuttThe past mistakes seem to be haunting Bollywood controversial star hero Sanjay Dutt. Though he has been out of the jail sentence since last year February after completing his sentence, Sanjay Dutt’s happiness is short lived.

A Mumbai Court issued a non-bailable warrant on the star hero because he didn’t appear before the court regarding this issue. This case dates back to 2002 when Sanjay agreed to do a film for a producer, Shakil Noorani and even took an advance of Rs. 50 lakh and appeared for the shooting for only two days.

The actor didn’t pay back the amount or repay the losses to the producer. The producer also alleged that on behalf of Sanjay Dutt he also got threatening calls from the underworld as well. So, the actor got into trouble once again. Will Sanjay Dutt go back to prison? Of course, this might not happen but anyway his past is haunting him.