No Comparison with Baahubali 2 - Sholay Director Ramesh SippyNo Comparison with Baahubali 2 - Sholay Director Ramesh SippyBollywood movie ‘Sholay’, the cult movie exists in the list many cine-lovers as one of their favourites. The makers of the movie have been receiving praises for this movie since its release in 1975.

The opinion of Ramesh Sippy who directed the cult movie will be considered precious. He said that Baahuali is the first ever movie which has garnered the highest number of eyeballs and it is has created history in terms of its box-office collections. So, no comparisons. That means, the director accepted that comparing ‘Baahubali’s success with ‘Sholay’ is not correct.

‘Sholay’ is a cult movie now. Back then, when it was released, it was considered a flop. Later, it went down in the history. The same thing will happen to ‘Baahubali 2‘. Regardless of one’s opinion, it will forever remain as one of the biggest achievements of Indian Cinema.