New look after aamir khan lost 22kgs weightGaining weight is one thing but losing weight isn’t as easy as it seems. However, people really look good after they loose that extra flab and sport a slimmer look. Aamir Khan is just looking awesome after loosing 22kgs weight.

Aamir put on weight for his role as a middle aged wrestler Mahavir Poghat in upcoming biopic ‘Dangal’. He went from 68kgs to 93kgs. Hence he had to lose 25kgs to come back to his normal weight after he completed shooting as a middle-aged wrestler.

Since he is very close to losing total 25kgs, Aamir Khan will soon start shooting with the younger look for his role. Mahavir Poghat is a wrestler who encouraged his two daughters to practice wrestling in spite of the protests of the villagers and participate in Olympics.