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New Coke Ad released- Indians Not Tasting the Happiness!

Deepika Padukone - Coco Cola AdCoca-Cola on Wednesday launched a new ad-video featuring Deepika Padukone and the ad has already gone viral garnering almost a million views on Youtube.

The ad has Deepika stuck in a broken elevator with a hotel attendant who then offers her a chilled bottle of Coke. This breaks the ice and they dance away until rescue arrives! The ad once again builds on the concept of Coke breaking all barriers and bringing out a more carefree spirit.

Although, the company execs were very hopeful for this ad, it is getting quite the negative treatment on Twitter. While some are upset over celebrities endorsing things that are bad for people’s health, others resent the fact that while there is an ongoing fight to ban products like this in order to save farmers, celebrities like her are supporting these products. To quote one tweet, “hope she (Deepika) endorses more healthier & desi products in future.”