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What’s the Need to Release Bikini Pictures?

What's the Need to Release Khushi Kapoor Bikini Pictures?In their growing years, Bollywood star kids are naturally exposed to a lot of media glare and the social media has become one of the platforms for them to explore themselves and stay in the limelight till they to venture into the movie industry.

In the process, these star kids are posting a lot of bikini and hot pics to grab attention. Now and then we hear how actresses are slut-shamed for their hot and revealing pics and of course, they hit back on the trolls. It’s the present trend in Bollywood.

Senior actress Sridevi’s daughters are the latest social media sensations. Her 16-year old younger daughter. Kushi Kapoor’s bikini pictures are going viral on social media. But, we see the same family trying to protect their children at airports from media taking pictures when they are well-dressed.

Strange are the ways with the showbiz personalities who allow their kids to share hot bikini pics but don’t allow them to be clicked when the kids are well-dressed.


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