narendra-modi-plot-the-death-of-om-prakesh-puri-says-bol-tv-channelRumors are quite common in social media and probably misperceptions are also acceptable to some extent. But this Pakistan TV channel has gone too far. A TV channel named Bol TV from Pakistan has confirmed that PM Modi has plotted the death of actor Om Puri.

But why would Modi want Om Puri to be dead? They have given a reason for that too. As Om Puri spoke supporting the Pakistani artists on the issue of Uri attack, Modi wanted him to be dead. The channel alleged that Ajit Doval the National security advisor is the in charge of the plot. They have also described the operation that Ajit Doval and his team have been to Om Puri’s home, beat him up, stripped his clothes off asking to give an apology for his inclination towards Pakistani actors in Uri issue.

Seriously, we have to admit it, this TV channel can get to the past and see the things to report the facts. This is not it, they have concluded the post-mortem report too in the channel which says it is clearly a murder. Where in reality the Post-mortem reports aren’t out yet. Don’t you think this is heights of imagination and false reporting?