Namrata-Dutt-Dispute-on-RGV-Own-SanjuRGV’s films take birth in controversy, grow and end in controversies. Disappointed with Hirani’s Sanju, RGV felt that the important and dark side of the actor was skipped in the script and decided to make Sanjay’s biopic in his own style.

Well, Sanju did by Ranbeer is running great at the theaters still and yet RGV deciding to make a film on the same story again is bothering many, especially the star’s family. Sanjay Dutt’s sister Namrata Dutt is super sad with RGV’s choice asking him why does he want to dig the past again and again and give the family the pain.

RGV said he would throw light on the episodes of 1993 blasts and AK 56 case on Dutt. Calling those the darkest phases of Sanjay, Namrata said it wouldn’t be fair to make the family see that dark phase again. Yet, she agreed that they are no one to stop if Sanjay himself is okay with this. It will be interesting to the fans of RGV’s films to see Sanju in Varma’s style. But what is Sanjay’s decision? Let’s see.