Must-Watch-the-Video-of-Sonam-Kapoor-Kissing-Anand!Finally, Sonam Kapoor got hitched and became Mrs. Anand Ahuja today. It was so very adorable to watch her happily bonding with her husband at the wedding while they perform the wedding rituals. Sonam was the happiest bride of this year and this video of her from the wedding is going viral on social media.

As part of completing the wedding custom, Anand placed sindoor on Sonam’s forehead and hooked the black bead sutra around her neck. As this is done, someone called the actress, “now you are Mrs. Anand Ahuja” and the excited bride went on to hug her husband and kiss him gently on his cheek.

You can see Sonam all blushing and giggling. Oh, love was in the air. And that kiss was the most adorable thing to see in the wedding. Sonam, the fashionista looked as pretty as a princess in the wedding attire. Well, another wicket down in Bollywood.