Mumbai and Bihar Police War of Words on Sushanth Singh Rajput CaseSushanth Singh Rajput‘s death case seems to be taking different turns and looks like, it is getting more and more complicated day by day with Bihar Police alleging Mumbai Police for non-cooperation from their side.

The present tussle is about the alleged financial discrepancies regarding the amount credited into the deceased actor’s bank account and the huge amount of money transferred or withdrawn.

While Bihar Police having been seeking information from Mumbai Police, they see that they aren’t getting the required details as the Mumbai Police have jurisdiction over the death case. So, Bihar Police aren’t happy with the information withheld to them.

However, the Mumbai Police didn’t reveal any information about the ongoing investigation and the recorded pieces of evidence from the investigations.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Sushanth’s father Krishna Kumar Singh alleged that he filed a complaint in February 2020 about the possible threat to his son’s life.