Taapsee-Pannu---MulkTaapsee Pannu starer, Mulk had a select shows on Thursday and turned up great with positive reviews. The actress got a great applause for her impeccable performance in the courtroom among the senior actors. After Pink, Mulk is another milestone in her career going by early talk. However, the film had to face a ban.

Pakistan is visibly being hard on Indian films and Mulk is one of them that faced the rejection of the neighboring country. Federal Censor Board of Pakistan banned the film in their country and this is not a surprise and is actually an expected news to get from the country. Makers of the film are obviously not happy with the decision taken by the board who seem to have not understood the soul of the film.

When they have decided to stick a no for every invitation from us, there is no question of what is in the film, they would certainly reject that. Well, the film has opened a very good talk at the theaters and we will have to see the weekend results to get a better idea of the success of the film.