Fashion Runway Show While Breastfeeding Her BabyBreastfeeding is the most beautiful act seen on this earth and no one can deny that. Yet, Women do not do that in public to avoid those embarrassing gazes and this act of a model who gave birth to her baby very recently has got the people’s eyes wide open.

Mara Martin is a renowned model and is a new mother. With the transformation that the mother’s body gets, women lock themselves indoors, especially the ones in glamour field. But Mara is making headlines as she walked her runway in a bikini while she held her baby in her arms and fed her.

She walked the ramp with no less confidence even though her motherhood added her muscle and did not shy to feed her baby at work in front of the camera. This act got a mixed response worldwide. Some called it spoiling the beauty of the breastfeeding and some adored the guts of Mara and called it inspirational, but only made Mara famous.