Mira-SorvinoEver since the #metoo campaign started, there comes a new story online every day with more and more actresses coming out revealing their stories as the victims of the vicious casting directors. The revelation of this actress about how her director plugged the condom in her mouth to scare the hell out of her for “the scene”.

Mira Sorvino, Lord of the Rings fame, shared her part that she was listed out of many projects by Harvey Weinstein for rejecting to give him sexual favors and he is only one of the many intruders who did the same to the actress. Recollecting the bad memory of her young days, she told that as part of the scene where she has to be scared a lot, the director tied her up to a chair and even bruised her hand and then gagged her.

She was only 16 then and didn’t understand first what he was doing but only tried to be scared as much as she can. But at the end, she was shocked to see that the director put a condom in her mouth to gag her, as he took it out and said, “Sorry for the prophylactic”. How insane is that? We can only feel sorry and hope that these things don’t happen anymore with the awareness created.