Mardaani -2 Trailer -Talk

Actress Rani Mukerji is back as the cop Shivani Shivaji Roy in the second installment of the movie Mardaani. The theatrical of the film is out. The original breathed a new life into the career of the talented actress as it gave her first solo success and that too in a mass avatar.

A sequel was always on the cards given the popularity of Rani Mukerji in the role of the cop. The second chapter, Mardaani 2, is building on that tough cop act with a touch of mass attitude. The setup and making keep a similar tone, as well.

The premise showcased in the trailer around the rapes looks very intense matching the grit of the first part. There are some gruesome visuals, but if the content is strong and engaging, it should not be an issue. A killer on the run and a cop chasing him is a routine plot. It is the way the narrative is executed, makes the difference. We can see that in abundance from the available trailer. And that also could be a problem, has too much been revealed?

Check out the trailer below. Vikram Singh Chauhan and Vishal Jethwa plays critical parts. Gopi Puthran directs the nail-biting crime drama. Mardaani 2 hits screens on December 13th all over.