'How Many Boys Have You Slept with?' - Censor Changes It to-!There had been some people who opined that the censor Board of Film Certification has been lenient with Bollywood film ‘Befikre’ and allowed many kissing scenes and also some dialogues which otherwise would have gone under Censor scissors.

But, Censor Board chairman Pahlaj Nihalani already revealed that he did chop off some scenes and suggest a few cuts and alterations. One among them is Ranveer Singh’s dialogue “How many boys have you slept with?” asking the heroine, Vaani Kapoor.

This particular dialogue was changed to “How many boys have you had fun with?” Even the word ‘bi**h’ was retained in one scene, but in a couple of other scenes, it was changed to ‘witch’. Ranveer uses this word referring to Vaani Kapoor’s character in the film. Did the Censor Board really let go ‘Befikre’ without using its ‘Sanskari Scissors’?