Mandana Karimi Bikini Controversy.jpgSharing bold pictures online with immense skin show has become quite common these days. Especially, the film actresses are making use of all the freedom and their hot bodies to flaunt it to the world. But, this Iranian Bollywood actress got into trouble for showing a lot of skin in a bikini during Ramadan.

Mandana Karimi is known as a Big Boss contestant and one of the heroines from the adult comedy film Kya Cool Hai Hum 3. She just not put a picture of hers in the colorful bikini, but posted a video clip with sassy moves luring the fans to death with her killing body with perfect curves.

It is not new that the actresses are trolled for their unnecessary skin show, but Mandana is being cursed for being ‘inappropriate’ during the holy month.

Trolls flooded her comments box with insane criticism criticizing the actress for not wearing enough clothes at least during the Ramadan season. Well, one even said beggars have better clothes than her. Anyway, such posts are not new for the people and nor the similar trolls are for the actors. The cycle never ends.