Mamta Kulkarni husband Vivek Goswami drugsAfter what can be termed as ages Mamta Kulkarni is back in news again due to her husband Vivek Goswami. A trailer in recent drug bust in Pune seen as biggest such haul by Indian police in history worth 2000 Cr has led directly to her husband. Both local and international police is now after him as he has been identified as an International Drug King Pin.

This isn’t the first time Vivek Goswami has been charged in drug related incidents, he has been previously charged and arrested for drug trafficking few times. He has been a repeat offender in drug issue making him a wanted criminal in US. However this time the link leads directly to him and involves US as well which is making matters worse for him.

People who have grown up in the 90’s would surely remember heroine named Mamta Kulkarni. She was seen as the boldest heroine of her time courtesy some of raunchy photos. She always made news for those daring images and acted with almost all top actors of the time. In Telugu she was seen opposite Mohan Babu in the film Donga Police.