Arjun Tendulkar to play Jr. SachinThe much awaited upcoming Sachin Tendulkar centred biopic seems to be all anyone can talk about. The entire nation, cricket fans and others alike, are keenly waiting for more information about this film. The film, named ‘Sachin – A Billion Dreams’, recently released its first posters which created quite a buzz.

While a trailer for the film is still awaited, there’s still some amazing news to be shared. Apparently, the Tendulkar’s own son, Arjun, will be portraying the talented cricketer’s youth years in the film. And who else can play the part better than another Tendulkar.

The movie focuses on Tendulkar’s whole life, also involving a younger him, the part which will be played by his son and will take everyone down the memory lane showing all of Sachin’s great wins. We even heard that the film will feature some real life footage of the extraordinary cricketer.