Saroj Khan Casting Couch (1)Casting Couch came to light in Hollywood with actresses there exposing Harvey Weinstein and many more. The fire traveled to our country and is still the hot topic in Bollywood and Tollywood. Saroj Khan was the latest celebrity to speak of casting couch which went terribly wrong.

The legendary choreographer of Bollywood opinionated that this culture of hitting on women for sexual favors has been there for ages and it depends on the girl whether or not to go through it. One doesn’t have to sell themselves if they have art, as she says. Asking not to highlight only the film industry on this issue while the government is doing the same, Saroj Khan said at least the film industry is not raping and leaving them.

These comments which have been telecast in media as Saroj Khan defended casting couch which raged the anger of people in the celebrities comments. The choreographer showed up again to clarify her comments, saying sorry for sounding so, but that she hasn’t defended the casting couch by any means. Well, she said what she said, but not sure if her clarification goes as strong as her defending comments did to people.