Actress Reveals How She Did the Stripping Scene 7 Times on Camera

Kubra-Sait-Reveals-How-She-Did-the-Stripping-Scene-7-Times-on-cameraNudity has become a common part of many web series these days for the web series have no censor board to object as the silver screen films have. And you know the kings of digital space like Netflix make a hundred percent usage of the freedom. Now our interest is the first Hindi series started recently, “Sacred games” which is also no less to any series on Netflix.

The series too, has its part of violence sex and nudity and you cant watch it with family or kids for the too much adult scenes. Well, Kubra Sait, who has played one of the prominent roles in the series as a transgender shared her experience of how the director made her go nude 7 times in front of the camera for the scene. She received great applause for her performance in the emotional yet intense scene though.

Kubra revealed that the director Anurag Kashyap prepared her for the scene before the shot by giving her a couple of glasses of whiskey. The scene apparently involved a heartfelt scene where Kubra with frontal nudity will fall on the ground crying. The crying was for real for all the 7 times as the actress says. Anurag made her cry with the way he read out the lines to her and there you go, the result was amazing as she pulled off the scene perfectly.

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