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Krish’s Film at Explicit Risk?

Kangana-RanautKrish is being adored for his small yet sparkling role as the veteran director K.V Reddy in the blockbuster film Mahanati. His film as director, the legendary story of Queen Jhansi is making its move towards the release dates with post-production work speeding up. However, the film is a clear risk for Krish as the latest analysis reports.

Kangana is doing the titular role as Manikarnika in the film and the actress herself seems to be the reason for the film to be speculated to tank at the Box Office. Yes, her last film ‘Simran’ spent about 40 crores for the making and stood a flop at the theaters. And Krish’s Manikarnika has poured about 90 crores on the making and the analysts say it is impossible for the film to bring back the investment.

Being a periodic drama, analysts say the genre won’t make much much money as it ain’t any Baahubali. Also, The film is lead by Kangana alone as the lead and the actress though a tremendous actor is not any superstar for the film to bring collections whether or not the story is a hit. Will this film be listed under one of Kangana’s flops? Or the story stands as the hero and drags the film to success? We will have to see.

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