Kiara-Advani's-Silly-Reply-for-Her-Botox-FaceMakeup is very crucial for actors in the glamour field and if anything goes wrong, it would make a hell of a difference, sometimes. Recently, Kiara Advani was trolled for her look as the trolls thought that she has undergone botox treatment.

It’s because she did her own makeup and that particular day when she was at the event of a clothing line, she went a bit overboard with regard to her makeup. That’s why her funny makeup gave her a look as if she has a dollop on her cheeks.

That simply means she didn’t go for a botox treatment. Anyway, young heroines seldom go for botox treatment as they naturally have young glowing skin. But, getting a lip job or nose job is quite common. Thus, Kiara came under the radar. So, her makeup is the real culprit.