Raghava Lawrence - Kaiara Advani - Akshay Kumar - Laxmmi BombThere had been a lot of drama when Raghava Lawrence chose to walk out from his Bollywood directorial ‘Laxmmi Bomb’, the Hindi remake of his super hit Tamil movie ‘Muni 2’.

Kiara Advani was chosen as the heroine of the movie without the director’s consent. Now, Kiara’s issue has been sorted out as Lawrence is back to take up the director’s mantle after he was assured that he will be given due importance and respect.

It was Akshay Kumar, the hero of the film who interfered and solved the differences. Akshay wanted the director of the original helm the project as Lawrence was the one who developed the project.

Now, it is all well for Kiara otherwise she would have to share the blame that she was also responsible for Lawrence’s walkout.

Lawrence coming back on board will be a respite for all the others in the unit including Kiara as the entire fiasco would have been painted as North and South divide and discrimination.