Manaswini Kotapati | January 14, 2017 at 3:22 am |

Baahubali Producer Was Asked, “Are You A Gay?”

karan-johar-was-asked-are-you-a-gayThis has been like the never-ending saga for Baahubali Hindi version’s producer Karan Johar since long. If someone asks, “Are you a gay?” and also offers to be ready to be laid down if given a launch in Bollywood, how would one feel?

You feel like punching the guy right in his face. Right? That’s what Karan Johar did. The filmmaker advised the guy to solve the mystery of his existence. He further added, “The prize will be a launch missile up your arse!!”

Karan Johar got big support from social media who asked the haters to let Karan Johar live his life as he wishes. His sexuality is one of the most discussed things on social media like Salman Khan’s virginity and bachelorhood. But, Karan is no longer taking the pain faking as if unhurt.

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