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Baahubali Presenter Hits Back Hilariously

Karan Johar Hits Back Hilariously ‘Baahubali’ Hindi version’s presenter Karan Johar must be one of those celebrities who is the favourite of online trolls. Nonetheless, the filmmaker cum producer knows how to maintain his cool and not getting affected by the haters.

In his latest tweet, he wrote something which is extremely funny and we need to appreciate his sense of humour for the way he handled the trolls. He publicised a new product in the market and asked the trolls to get it before the offer ends. What is that product?

It’s ‘LIFE. It’s the hilarious way to tell the trolls to ‘get a life’. Many times, Karan Johar was trolled for his sexuality, for the alleged nepotism, among others. He never kept mum and gave back to them. Sometimes, he kept mum saying he can’t manage damaged people. OMG! Trolls are ‘Damaged People! 🙂