Kareena Kapoor Pregnancy Baby Bump Hide Karan Johar Saif Ali KhanThe world knows that both director Karan Johar and Kareena Kapoor are very close friends. But many do not know that there was a small rift between the two buddies some time back.

The relation among these became a little sour when Kareena apparently hid her pregnancy from KJo. Revealing about the same, the star director said that Kareena hid her pregnancy for nearly three months with him.

Adding further, Karan revealed that he grew suspicious of her when she constantly denied sitting in a smoking area and also said no to drinking wine for the longest time.

This is the time he confirmed that she was pregnant and it was only after a few days that Kareena finally revealed about it to everyone.

Even though Karan was upset about this initially he totally understood her problems and got along with her completely fine. The star actress is in her last stages of pregnancy and is set to deliver in December.