Next Hot Biopic Already Under Criticism

Ranveer Singh - Kapil Dev biopic - 83 movie --Looks like, audiences have been bored with back-to-back poorly made biopics being dumped on them one after the other. That could be the reason why ’83’, the biopic on former Indian Cricket Team Captain Kapil Dev’s winning moments of the World Cup for the first time has come under the criticism, already.

Ranveer Singh is playing Kapil Dev’s role and one of his pics from his practice sessions sporting a blue Jersey (Indian Cricket Team’s official Jersey with the initials ‘Sahara’ on it) had surfaced online. There is no resemblance to Kapil Dev whatsoever. Ranveer Singh is seen sporting a high pony that was not impressive. Actually, it was only a practice session and there would be a lot of changes to Ranveer Singh’s looks so that he would like Kapil Dev.

But, the criticism is due to audiences disinterest in biopics. Recently, Bollywood biopics ‘Accidental Prime Minister’ on Manmohan Singh and ‘Thackeray’ on Babasaheb Thackeray didn’t impress the audience. Even in Telugu, biopics on late NTR and late YSR disappointed the audiences, big time. Though 83 is not a political biopic, the criticism on Ranveer Singh’s look only shows audiences’ intolerance towards biopics. All said and done, the scenario might turn positive once Ranveer Singh makes changes to his looks and releases pics from the actual shoot.

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