Kangana Ranaut SimranShe is a Queen and stays Queen in slamming what is wrong according to her. No matter how huge is that. She openly talked about sexism, nepotism etc in B-town which even biggies of the town never dared to touch. She exploded again!

Speaking to the host in an interview on how she makes films and sounds like a feminist in her words, she made it clear that she is a feminist but not men hater. Having said that, she opinionated that “Having sex is fun for men, but for a woman it is criminal”.

She also says when there is only one category for the awards for best directors and choreographers, why is the sex coming as a category for actors, like best male actor and best female actor.

As per Kangana, there should only be one category, best actor and people should compete as the actor for their potential. She is no less than a hero in her films and outside too. Her current film Simran has got mixed response and we should wait for more to know the actual result of the film.