kamaal-r-khan-asks-model-qandeel-rate-for-the-nightPak model Qandeel becomes popular suddenly after she declared her love on Kohli in T 20 world cup. That put her into the radar of some journalists and critics. Bollywood critic Kamaal R Khan texted her with obscene messages.

She posted the screenshots on her twitter account. KRK first approached her and noticed that she wasn’t responding. Then KRK told her that he heard she is a prostitute! He went on to ask her ‘rate’ for the night, using the Hindi words ‘Ek Raat Ka Kitnaa Leti Ho’. After few days, Qandeel talked about KRK on a video which was posted on her Facebook page, using the s****r f****r swear word to describe him! She calls him a “Choosa hua aam, gobar ke moonh wala, saala b***n c**d!”.

KRK has history of terming bad about Alia Bhatt, Neha Sharma and many more artists in his tweets and movie reviews. This should be condemned for his obscene behaviour towards actresses.