Prasthanam---RX100---Telugu-RemakesIt is not new that the Bollywood has been looking up for stories from down the South to remake them into their versions and Telugu remakes have done pretty well in Hindi. Arjun Reddy is the latest one made in Hindi as Kabir Singh by the same director and got great applause here too. Well, this one delivered fair, will the other ones do?

There is a line up of Telugu film remakes in Hindi to hit screens soon. Prasthanam and RX 100 are the confirmed projects to be remade in Hindi and the former has also got its poster released.

Interestingly, Prasthanam in Hindi is also being directed by the original director Deva Katta with Sanjay Dutt in the lead cast. Coming to the bold scripted RX 100, Suniel Shetty’s son is being launched with its remake in Hindi.

Now Kabir Singh is an immediate remake which was done without losing the buzz around the story. Whereas Prasthanam seems a little outdated now for the original came quite a long time ago. Also, the Hindi RX100 hero Ahan Shetty has no buzz to give the film a good start. So compared to Kabir Singh, these two remakes have a little enthusiasm and lesser scope to make it as big as Kabir Singh did. Let’s see.