Kabir Singh Far Far Bigger Hit Than Arjun Reddy‘Arjun Reddy’ by the pure love showered by the young audiences and thanks to the controversy on cuss words, it grossed around Rs. 25 crores in Telugu. That was a blockbuster for the kind of small-budget invested on it.

Going by the opening day collections and early business trends, ‘Kabir Singh’ will turn out to be a far far bigger hit in terms of box-office collections in comparison with the original.

The talk has been overwhelming and therefore, the first-day figures turned out be the best opening for Shahid Kapoor, till date. After Salman Khan‘s ‘Bharat’ (42 Cr), the opening day collections of ‘Kabir Singh’ turned out to be the second best openings of the year in Bollywood.

The final figures of the opening day will cross Rs. 22 crores net and this movie is expected to be Shahid Kapoor’s first solo movie to join the 100 crore club. How big a hit it would be, the coming days will decide.

This is a stunning achievement by a Telugu director who recreated similar magic as the original did. It’s a rare thing though.

Kabir Singh‘ will end up being far far bigger than ‘Arjun Reddy’ and can stand comparisons with the original. Unlike other remakes from South in Bollywoid, ‘Kabir Singh’ had no nativity issues.