Julie 2 Censor Report - No Stopping for Raai Laxmi Adult ShowLaxmi Rai’s Julie 2 is done with the sensor check and the film got certified with no cuts! Yes, not a single cut giving it the A certificate for the adult content of the film. That is actually an achievement for the filmmaker for the unstoppable show by Laxmi.

The trailer of Julie 2 raised the curiosity of the audience for the bold avatar of Laxmi who plays a bold actress role in the film. Now that the film crossed the scariest part, both the filmmaker and the audience are happy for the film. Julie 2 is for release on 6th of next month.

Pahlaj Nihalani looked super excited for the film after the board approved the film with no cuts. He made many filmmakers annoy when he was the member of CBFC, with the super cuts from the films which gave him the “Sanskari” name. Yet, his film has come out with absolutely no hurdles.