its-becoming-tough-to-be-amitabh-bachchans-son-abhishek-bachchanIt’s not easy for star kids to be the sons of superstars in the film industry. Their success will be compare to the achievements of their super successful fathers. Amitabh Bachchan’s son, Abhishek Bachchan is one of them who couldn’t take forward his father’s legacy as a superstar. But that doesn’t mean, he is a failure.

Failing to understand this subtlety, once in a while we keep coming across trolls on the actors testing his patience. However, he always gave back to the trolls in proper manner. This time too, Abhishek was sharp to retort on somebody on Twitter to tried to comment him saying Abhishek is the least celebrity’.

The Twitter troll takes a big dig at Abhishek’s most unsuccessful movie and makes fun of him. And the actor too gave him back lauding his sense of logic. Only if you check the tweets, you would understand what transpired between them. Well done Abhishek!